Set, forget
and never miss an opportunity again

With VM Social, discover the power of copy trading wherever you are.

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Auto-Copy leading traders at Vida Markets.

Connect your Vida Markets MetaTrader 4 or 5 trading account and start trading within the VM Social community.

Why trade on VM Social?

Receive real time updates direct to your device

Automated copy trading

Diversify your trades across multiple strategy providers

Never miss key trading events again


Other features of VM Social

Instant message with fellow traders. Chat and share trade ideas.

Not sure about a trade, you have the ability to inverse the position on your own account whenvever you want.

View all signal provider profiles, understand their performance before deciding to copy.

Create your own trading group, and receive real time updates to your feed.

Have your own trade ideas, you can also manually trade on the app.


Vida Markets

Earn extra revenue from your strategies

Vida Markets

Increase your brand presence

Vida Markets

Engage with thousands of users within the app

Vida Markets

Increase your clients trading activity by never missing an opportunity again

Vida Markets

VM Social for Partners

Reach a new audience of active traders

Showcase your services and allow others to copy or follow you

Generate additional revenues from your trading expertise


Why Vida Markets

Limitless trading partnership. Leading towards success.

Vida Markets is a renowned FX & CFD broker. Operating across the world we have the facilities for premium customers to trade globally.

Multi-regulated brokerage allowing you trade a wide range of instruments with industry leading conditions.

Fast, safe and secure payment methods. Allowing you deposit, trade and withdraw instantly.

Any questions, we’re here to help?

1. What is VM Social? chevron
VM Social is a revolutionary social trading application that grants traders the ability to emulate and adopt the strategies employed by signal providers. Moreover, users can leverage their Vida Markets MetaTrader 4 or 5 account to seamlessly transition into the role of signal providers themselves.
2. How do I download VM Social? chevron
To access the VM Social app, you can download it from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. VM Social is available globally and can be downloaded to your device wherever you are in the world.
3. How do I connect my trading account? chevron
If you are already a Vida Markets client with an active trading account, you can sign up using your registered email address. For those who are not currently a Vida Markets client, you have the option to apply for a Live Account by clicking here. Once your application is approved, you can seamlessly connect your MetaTrader 4 or 5 account to VM Social.
4. Who can I copy on VM Social? chevron
Downloading VM Social means you can connect your account to our best performing traders. You have the choice to pick who you wish to connect your account to and can do this by analysing their performance and managing how much your wish to risk.
5. How do I become a signal provider? chevron
Anyone can become a signal provider. Typically, signal providers on the platform possess a minimum of six months of trading experience and demonstrate positive trading results. After successfully linking your live trade account to the app, you can choose to become a signal provider. To set yourself up as a signal provide complete this short form by clicking here.
6. Who can copy my signals? chevron
Any user who has downloaded the VM Social app has the option to auto-copy your signals.
7. Can I trade myself using VM Social? chevron
Yes, manual trading is available on VM Social.